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About Us: Highlights


Lee Goldsmith

  • Founder, Market Math Inc
  • Principal, Strategy Design and Implementation
  • Advisor to Key Financial Institutions in the U.S & Canada
  • Department Head, Proprietary Trading, Prudential Securities

Marc Riel

  • Portfolio Manager, National Bank Financial in Canada
  • Head Trader, International Markets, CDP Global Asset Management, With duties in portfolio, management of trading desk, trade execution
  • Implemented Automation of Trading room, ECN trading platform,
    Internal block system and order management system.
  • Equity and Derivatives Trader, CDP Global Asset Management
Robert Rabinoff
  • Senior Consultant, Systems Analyst, Market Math Inc.
  • Manager of the Market Math Iowa Server
  • President, Performance Research, Inc.
  • Expertise in scientific and engineering programming
  • Inventory and financial services systems development and management
Brian Guthrie
  • Lead Programmer, Market Math Inc.
  • Manager of the Market Math Seattle Server
  • Experience in Systems Development, Database
  • Management, Financial Market Data and Systems Delivery.
  • Expertise in translating Systems logic from writing into code for testing Research and implementation
  • B. S. in Computer Sciences, University of Iowa

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